Lipozene Reviews: All about Lipozene

Posted by lipozenereviews on 11:33 AM, 22-Aug-12

As many lipozene reviews on the Internet reveal, even if you're tired of exercise routines and strict diets, Lipozene will not necessarily give you a better alternative. In fact, it's much better to start a diet and exercise regimen than to depend on this supplement. No, Lipozene isn't a scam and some of its claims regarding its appetite suppressing attributes have some basis in truth. However, buyers should beware, because its parent firm, the Obesity Research Institute, is operated by people who have received FTC fines for their misrepresentations of their weight reduction products. 

Furthermore, it's important to take note that its main ingredient, glucomannan, doesn't burn fat, even though the site claims it does. Exercise helps burn fat. Certain substances like protein can burn fat. Vegetable fibers do not burn fat. What glucomannan is good for is making you feel full (like all fibers do) after ingesting Lipozene as well as possibly treating constipation and other related digestion problems.

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I'm fairly certain that you've not really met me before so I wish to introduce myself... I am basically a genuine man. You'll find nothing across the world I like more than drinking excellent beer. Haha, I'm sure that's not what you expected to hear on my original post but I think you will find I'm not restricted by just... [Read More]